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How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes between 45 minutes to an hour. The time changes depending on the amount of plaque and calculus on your pet’s mouth and the cooperation of your pet.

My dog is very old. Can he still get the procedure?

Absolutely, non-anesthetic dentals are perfect for older pets, also for pets with chronic kidney, liver or heart disease who might not be a good candidate for a dental cleaning under anesthesia.

What happens if you find a problem during the dental cleaning?

I’If we find problems which need your veterinarian’s attention, for example teeth which need to be extracted, we will put the information on your dental report and we will refer you back to your doctor to have a dental under anesthesia and there will be no charge. We do not charge unless we are 100% finished with the dental cleaning.

Do you sterilize your instruments?

Yes, we sterilize all of our instruments. We use a different sterile scaler and a new disposable tip for teeth polishing on each pet. We even use a new disposable prophy paste cup for each pet to ensure an overall sterile enviroment.

Do you also work with cats?

Yes we do!. As long as the cat is an indoor domesticated cat we are happy to work with cats.

When is a dog rejected for the procedure?

While we can clean most dogs and cats that we see there are some for whom it is not appropriate. Examples would be pets with severe gingivitis, cavities, fractured teeth, abscesses, stomatitis, tumors, root exposure, severe tooth mobility. We do not pull teeth and we do not take X-Rays so whenever our technicians discover loose or fractured teeth, tumors, gum disease, or any other condition that needs your veterinarian’s intervention, they will write the information in your dental report and send you to discuss any further action with your own veterinarian. This report is free of charge.

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